Welcome to The Shades Of Motherhood Network

About Us

Here at The Shades Of Motherhood creating safe spaces, opportunities. and support to perinatal, and postpartum women of color is fundamental. We advocate, drive research, build power, create support, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice. We strive to highlight disparities through storytelling, visual arts, and reflective practices that call the community to create action and change. 

What's Happening Here at The Shades of Motherhood

As a member of The Shades Of Motherhood, we want you to feel empowered, heard and supported. Whether you need support or you want to give support we have you covered! That's why we're aiming to offer multiple things:

  •  Peer group meetings to bring on great conversation, support and friendship.
  • Resources surrounding all stages of Black maternal health.
  • Doula Desert Project: Providing opportunity for women of color to become doulas.
  • Raising awareness through research and support. Let's crush the crisis! 
  • Exclusive content: podcast, books, events and more so please stay tuned. 

Thank You For Joining Us

Our Foundation is built on community, which places importance on the values of reciprocity, trust, support and love. 

Thank You for being a part of this movement. - The Shades of Motherhood